Alison smith

It’s pretty simple…I help others see the greatness within!
📝 From Engineering Manager to Professional Résumé Writer!
✍🏽 I specialize in Technical Résumé Development!

Why Choose Radical Resumes?

📌 I’m your advocate and job search partner.
📌 You’ll only get ATS-friendly resumes that can be easily modified.
📌 I have 20 years of developing technical job descriptions, work requirements, screening resumes, interviewing diverse employees, selecting and retaining top talent, career coaching, and mentoring in guiding clients as they chart their next exciting career path.
📌 I apply operations, project management, engineering, industrial, and extensive technical writing knowledge and background so that industry-specific slang, acronyms, jargon and terms are clear to a resume reviewer.
📌 I optimize detailed and meticulous technical resumes to showcase often hidden value and talent.
📌 I skillfully interview clients until work/life objectives are clear and a picture of the forward-looking client evolves.
📌 I am a proud member of the National Resume Writer’s Association where I stay up to date on resume, job search, and career training.

I Absolutely Love to Brand, Write, and Communicate. Here’s Proof!
I have over 30 years of writing expertise:

📌 Résumés
📌 Bios
📌 Strategic Plans
📌 Technical Reports
📌 Procedures
📌 Guidelines
📌 Training Manuals
📌 Employee Development Plans
📌 Performance Reviews
📌 Job Definitions
📌 Emergency Action Plans
📌 Leadership Blogger
📌 Communications Chair, Civic Club
📌 Communications, Church
📌 Facebook and Website Management
📌 Mechanical Engineers’ Newsletter, Editor
📌 Cooperative Education Newsletter, Co-Editor
📌 School of Mechanical Engineering Newsletter, Co-Editor
📌 High School Yearbook, Editor
📌 Decades of journaling (before it was cool!)


Executive Master of Business (EMBA); Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering; University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Alison Smith, 2017-Present